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Ascenta Fully Integrated Black 3 Wash Cycle Dishwasher


Ascenta Dishwasher Appearance
° Stainless Steel Interior with Polypropylene Base
•Each Ascenta dishwasher is built with a revolutionary new wash tub made from stainless steel with a reinforced polypropylene base — a first in the U.S.
•Polypropylene is a high-quality, long-term tested material that makes the tub of their Ascenta dishwasher significantly more durable than conventional all-plastic tubs found in competing machines.
•The patented tub is food proof and color fast.
° Sleek Concealed Controls

Ascenta Dishwasher Performance

Ascenta Dishwasher Convenience
° EASYLOAD Standard Racks
° Standard Silverware Basket

Ascenta Dishwasher Efficiency
° 300 kWh/y Energy Usage - Most Energy Efficient in Class
° Flow Through Water Heater
•In conventional dishwashers, water falls randomly onto an exposed heating element.
•And since not all the water touches the heating element, this results in slower and less energy-efficient heating.
•Bosch dishwashers, on the other hand, channel 100% of the water through tighter coils in a confined heating chamber.
•Which heats the water quickly and efficiently up to 161 degrees Fahrenheit.
° Condensation Drying
•Built with a solid stainless steel tub, Bosch dishwashers utilize condensation drying to save you money on your energy bills.
•Condensation drying works by heating the dishes with hot water from the final rinse.
•Moisture condenses on the cool stainless steel tub and is drained, so your clean dishes dry without an energy-wasting active drying element.
° ENERGY STAR Qualified
•Proving once again that Bosch is committed to efficiency, all of their dishwashers are ENERGY STAR qualified.
° NSF Certified
•All their dishwashers boast certification from the National Sanitation Foundation.
•Ensuring your dishes are 99.99% bacteria free at the end of each cycle.
•This protocol establishes guidelines to determine sanitization and cleaning performance of residential spray-type dishwashers.
•It includes minimum requirements to ensure that these machines will deliver wash water, detergent, and rinse water.
•Which will render dishes, glasses, and utensils clean and sanitized.
•The following Bosch wash cycles are NSF approved: Power Scrub Plus, Auto Super Wash, Auto Plus, AUTOWASH, Extreme Wash.

Ascenta Dishwasher Silence
° 53 dBA Silence Rating - Quietest in Class
° Two-Pump Motor System
•By using two small pumps to individually wash and drain instead of a single large one, vibration and noise are dramatically reduced.
•Smaller parts and a more contained motion contribute an important part to their sound-reduction system.
•Leaving you amazed that the dishwasher is even on.
° Suspension Motor
•The more isolated a motor is, the less its vibrations can be transferred.
•So they’ve suspended their two-pump motor to help absorb and minimize any vibration and noise to the housing.
•As it is absorbed by rubber hammocks, letting you enjoy your time in the kitchen whether the dishwasher is running or not.
° Insulation
•Noise is also buried beneath the three layers of insulation inside their near-silent dishwashers.
•Metal, cotton fiber and heavy-duty bitumen sheets capture and dampen sound to create a decibel level no louder than raindrops.
•(Insulation package varies by model.)

Ascenta Dishwasher Automation
° 3 Wash Cycles

Ascenta Dishwasher Safety
° Overflow Protection
° No Exposed Heating Element
•Because their Flow Through Water Heater is not located in the tub and has no exposed heating element, it prevents plastic items on the bottom rack from melting.
•It has the added benefit of protecting you from accidental burns during unloading.

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