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Going All The Way:
3 Ways to Avoid Stop Signs in Your Kitchen Remodel.

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Going All The Way:
3 Ways to Avoid Stop Signs in Your Kitchen Remodel...................1

Why Should Kitchen Designs Be Considered Before House Designs ..2

"That's going to take longer than expected" is something we all dread hearing, especially when we are working on the completion of our dream kitchen.

There is no cure to eliminate human error and all the possible problems that may delay the finish line being crossed. But there are a few things that can help provent delays substantially.

Complete Plans:
This means to have a set of plans with a floor plan, elevations,

perspectives, and mechanical plans. Make sure all have clear dimensions on them. Also, specifications on the final selection of appliances are also helpful.

Progress Communication:
More simply put...stay on top of expected arrival dates, install dates, etc. Make sure everything that arrives is correct, and in good condition.

Early Punchlist:
If you can get a punchlist into the hands of the designer and contractor before subcontractors finish the majority of the work, it will be much easier to get it done.

"...I do want you to know how much I value the input you had on the design of our kitchen. I would not try to design a kitchen again without a certified kitchen designer. The kitchen is not only the most beautiful kitchen I have seen, but it functions better that any kitchen I have ever used..." Diane Earp, Washington, UT

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Q: I am not ready to remodel my entire kitchen yet, but what are a few things I could do quickly and low cost that would help me enjoy it for another couple years until I am ready to remodel?

A: I have run into many client who are troubled about the timing on remodeling their kitchen. Most who make quick and rash decisions to just get it over with, are very often dissapointed in the end.

Your decision to temporarily satisfy the looks until you can invest in the structure, design, layout, function, and looks, is a great idea.

The three items I would focus on would be your paint, hardware, and the lighting.

Changing the paint color can make such a large impact on the feel of the kitchen space. It can affect the mood, and believe it or not, make the rest of the kitchen feel like a different color.

Your cabinet hardware can be the icing on the cake to top off the project just enough to make it feel updated.

In my opinion, indirect lighting, task, and accent lighting could be just what you need to give new life to an aging kitchen.

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Question: Which of the following materials is not recommended for kitchen countertops?

A: Paperstone

B: Butcherblock

C: Soapstone

D: Marble

E: Glass

*The first correct answer faxed to 986.8323 or e-mailed to info@portraitkitchens.com will win 2 Movie Passes to Westates Theaters!


Congratulations to Diane Earp:

What is Linoleum made from?

Answer: B: Wood flour and linseed oil.





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Why Should Kitchen

Designs Be Considered

Before House Designs

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