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Hi-Tech Kitchens: Are They Leaving You in The Dust?

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Hi-Tech Kitchens: Are They Leaving You in The Dust?............1

Love It Then Leave It: The Heartbreaking Experience of Moving From a Newly Remodeled Kitchen......2

From I-Pods to MP3 players, to highly advanced video games, and certainly the thrills of other technologically miraculous gadgets, there comes the “High-Tech Kitchen”.

For Generation X, they would expect nothing less than to have a television on their refrigerator with internet access and grocery shopping capability on the screen.

However, for others, this transition from handwashing dishes, and simply baking bread in a standard thermal oven, may be a little too overwhelming.

You may be one of these individuals that believe that a dishwasher should wash dishes, and that an oven should cook, and not refrigerate as well. You may find yourself spending more time, trying to figure out how to get the oven preheated for your first lasagna dish, than you ever did actually cooking one before.

Here are a few helpful tips:
1. Learn the three most common ways to use the product first.

2. Test the product out at the showroom previous to ordering it.

3. Enlist in help from children or grandchildren.

“I love my kitchen, it’s very beautiful and I wouldn’t change my mind about any of it.”

Wes and Ruthanne Terry, Ivins, UT

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Question: Which of the following materials are not used for the construction of cabinet sides?


B: Plywood

C: Wheatboard

D: Particleboard

E: None. They are all used.

The first correct answer faxed to 986.8323 or e-mailed to will win 2 Movie Passes to Westates Theaters!


Congratulations to Shozo Uchimura:

A complet kitchen remodel averages what percentage of the value of the home, nationwide?

Answer: B: 15%

Q: What Are Three Things That You Did For Your New Kitchen That You Wish Everyone Did For Theirs Also?

A: Let’s get the basics of a well-planned kitchen out of the way, ie. proper work triangle, sufficient landing space next to major appliances, plenty of walkway clearance spaces, and well planned seating areas. Here are just a couple of trivia items we planned that worked great.

1. Install cripple studs (horizontal studs) at the top of both base and wall cabinets, and also at the bottom of the wall cabinets to provide backing to screw into for cabinet mounting. This avoids the hunt and peck program for most installers.

2. Make sure to run above and under cabinet lighting wires before hanging the cabinets. Also, its a good idea to run phone cables to all major appliances for the future cell phone control capability.

3. Prioritize appropriate flooring and cabinetry for the home first. Then, make adjustments based on your budget for those items which are easier to upgrade later.

E-mail your questions to Please be sure to include your name and phone number in case additional information is required to answer your question.


We believe in treating all of our customers like family, just ask any of our longtime customers. We are excited to welcome each of our first time Portrait Kitchens customers. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon. Here are just a few of the new members of the family.

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