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The "Walk-in Bathtub" Craze!

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You have probably seen commercials for the latest bathroom innovation for those who have a hard time getting in and out of the bathtub: "The Walk-In Bathtub"!

Our society is working tirelessly (no pun intended) on making our society and homes more user friendly for wheelchair access, ADA compliance, and universal design. This is a great trend toward improving the overall usability of spaces for everyone, regardless of their physical condition.

The walk-in bathtub is making

not only bathing a much easier practice, but showering as well.

As with any newer product on the market, there is a period of trial and error as dealers, manufacturers, and certainly the end user all work through the bugs of usage, practicality, and needs for improvment.

The one element you must keep in mind for using a walk-in tub, is that you have to wait in the tub both while it fills and while it drains. This could be an inconvenience, or as one of my good friends says "just take a good book to the tub".

"The final product was better than I could have ever envisioned or imagined."

M. Stout, St George, UT

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Question: Which ventilation type of blower is best for high performance, and low noise inside and outside?

A: In line blower
B: Downdraft
C: Interior blower
D: Exterior blower
E: None of the above.

The first correct answer faxed to 986.8323 or e-mailed to info@portraitkitchens.com will win 2 Movie Passes to Westates Theaters!

Congratulations to Sasha Trae!

Question: What is the minum recommended (NKBA) walkway space in a kitchen for one cook? Answer: C: 42"

Q: We have an old home, and the floors, walls and ceilings all have substantial surface changes. We are worried about how new cabinetry and flooring will look without major adjustments in all of them?

Anonymous, St George UT

A: Dear Anonymous, definitely large "wows" in the walls, dips in the ceiling, and slopes in the floor can and will impact all that you put into the space. The best option is always to make the surface under the finish product the best it can be. However, in the construction industry, there is "ideal", and then there is appropriate for the situation. Consider not taking your cabinetry to the ceiling. Or, try open shelves above, where slight changes in open space will not be as visible. You can also try stacking moldings, changing paint colors, or adding decorations to work around the problem areas.

E-mail your questions to info@portraitkitchens.com. Please be sure to include your name and phone number if additional information is required to answer your question.


We believe in treating all of our clients like family, just ask any of our longtime clients. We are excited to welcome each of our first time Portrait Kitchens clients. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon. Here are just a few of the new members of the family.

Bart & Brigitte Chatelain of St George, UT
Jim Caldwell of St George, UT
Jim Hansen of Layton, UT
Ron & Cindy Stanphill of Parowan, UT

Theme & Style:
How To Find Yours!

The Radio Remodeling Show can be found right after Dr. Laura. We have regular trivia questions and prizes, and drawings.

Radio Remodeling Show is all about Kitchens, Baths, Additions, and More. It is broadcast live on 1450 AM in St George every Thursday afternoon from 4:00 - 4:30pm. Tune in to hear live discussions about remodel projects right here in Southern Utah.

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New To Portrait Kitchens!

Portrait Kitchens is proud to be Southern Utah's new authorized Oreck dealer. We have quality vacuums in stock, along with air purifiers, tile and wood cleaners, orbiters, irons, and many more great products.
Come see the all new Halo. Kills bacteria w/UV

During a difficult time, it could be quite worrisome to have your wall oven go out of service. How about an obsolete model Bosch 30" convection wall oven, with full manufacturer's warranty, still brand new in the box, for only half of it's original price. You won't want to miss this opportunity for a great buy.

At Portrait Kitchens, we are focusing our efforts on the needs of those who are aging, and would like to maintain mobility, independence, and comfort in their homes during the "golden years". Our beautiful walk-in tubs make bathing a much more comfortable experience. Come by to see one for you or a loved one.

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Thanks To Our Summer Intern From BYU-Idaho!

Autumn Salter spent about six weeks with our company as an Assistant Designer. She is returning this fall to BYU-Idaho for her senior year in the Endorsed NKBA Kitchen & Bath program. She was very accurate, prompt, and attentive to client's needs, and did a great job following up. We wish her the best in her travels and future endeavors...and who knows we may have her back next year after her graduation! Thanks Autumn.

Welcome To The Team!

Kevan Adams, Principal Designer for Architectural Cabinetry and lead designer with Portrait Kitchens, has a passion for Architecture. He worked for a number of architects, and studied Architecture at the University of Utah. He later began RKA Residential Design, a Residential Plan Service in Salt Lake. For the past 17 years he has primarily worked as a Design Specialist in the cabinet industry. His father always had a wood shop and the smell, feel and beauty of wood has become a second love. Welcome Kevin. Read more about Kevin HERE.

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