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Three Ways To Cut Your Meal
Prep. Time in Half!

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Three Ways To Cut Your Meal Prep. Time in Half!.......................1

Taking Thorns With The Roses in a Remodel.

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450 steps. That is how many steps or actions the average user has to take to create an average meal. Think about it... just to boil water, you must open a cabinet door, grab the pan, close the cabinet door, turn on the faucet, turn off the faucet, set the pan on the burner, and turn on the burner. That is seven steps just for that simple procedure.

One of the things that comes with the training of a Certified Kitchen Desisgner is considering ways to reduce strain, effort, and time in the kitchen.

So, here are three simple suggestions to reduce the effort required to prepare a meal:

1. Go with drawers (instead of roll-out shelves) on cabinets and appliances (especially the dishwasher) whenever possible. It will save you at least one step each time.

2. Sufficient landing space goes a long way not having to move food multiple times during preparation.

3. Consider a secondary sink. It is the most used item in the kitchen. Great when there are more than one cook.

Save time and make life easier!

"Thank you for your diligent effort in working with us through all the problems. We are very pleased with the lovely kitchen." T.R. Ivins, UT

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Question: What is the basic idea when it comes to Universal Design?

A: Wheelchair accessible.
B: Designed for the elderly.
C: A
D: Modern style.
E: Child friendly.
F: A,B&E.

The first correct answer faxed to 986.8323 or e-mailed to info@portraitkitchens.com will win 2 Movie Passes to Westates Theaters!

Congratulations to Robert Childs!

Question: What is the minimum appliances required to get your Certificate of Occupancy when you build a home?
Answer: B: Range.

Q: What items in a kitchen remodel have you found to be easily overlooked? Anonymous, St George UT

A: That is actually a really funny question. I am sure that most designers have items that they regularly overlook, and have to keep on top of. Since I work so closely with my clients, we cover our bases pretty well, but there do seem to be some items which consistently come up as not being addressed early enough to prepare properly for them.

Microwave- Sometimes the focus is so much on the other major appliances, that the microwave gets overlooked, such as the location.

Ponywall finish- We usually plan a pony wall for island or peninsuala applications electrial, plumbing, etc. But, finishing that wall is sometimes just assumed.

Sink lighting- Sometimes the sink area is forgotten.

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We believe in treating all of our clients like family, just ask any of our longtime clients. We are excited to welcome each of our first time Portrait Kitchens clients. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope to see you again very soon. Here are just a few of the new members of the family.

Jim Bucher of Las Vegas, Nevada
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Ann Goddard of Cedar City, Utah
Dan & Chris Parker of Mesquite, Nevada

Taking Thorns With The Roses in a Remodel.

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