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Bevery Goupee, Vermont:

"I'm really happy with the cabinets, the pull-out drawers, the design of the dishwasher, being up instead of on the floor."

"We're extremely happy with the way it’s turned out."

Maria Downs, Wasilla, AK:

"I go in the kitchen everyday, and I think wow, I am glad that somebody was holding my hand through this project, because you think you know what you want, and you think that it's going to turn out beautiful, but you sometimes don't like the end project, and what come out at the end, and it can be frustrating, sometimes.  You think its going to be one way, and it doesn't end up the way you want it, but the kitchen, I would have to say, is definitely a highlight in our home, and it is one of the areas that we do receive a lot of compliments."

"We worked with a lot of different contractors, and many of them won’t even come out to see your face."

"When we met you (Shad), your attitude, your aura, your vibe around you was 'I can do this, this in not a problem, I can see you through to the end'."

 "We just really appreciate all the help you (Shad) were, and, like I said, in other words, many times I would just be very frustrated, and this was a huge project, and I appreciated those calming voices, those people that I could talk to that didn’t even cause more frustration, they had a calming prescence, and you (Shad) were definitely one of those people, so we appreciate that."

 "We spent a lot of time throwing ideas at them, instead of them throwing ideas at us, yet when it came down to someone who could walk through the project and had a real sense of the project, we found that you (Shad) really couldn’t be beat."

Victoria Clark, Anchorage, AK:

"You (Shad) brought out the best ideas that were exactly what I was thinking about, I was most amazed.  I was!  It was almost like you (Shad) understood that I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be able to choose anything.  You took me step by step and made it all so simple.  That's exactly true, I've told Jim that many times.  That’s why your service to me was so invaluable.  And that you were a go between me and the contractor, because I would have killed him."

"I really thought you were clever."

"When I brought something up you would show me something, you would show me a product line and say 'Is this what you were thinking about, or maybe it's this you were thinking about', and showed me I had several different choices.  I'm all about choices anyway, and simple design."

"I love my kitche!"

Sara Cray (Freedman), Anchorage, AK:

"Shad had really good suggestions."

"I would definitely go with Shad again."

"They (contractors) were not helpful, they didn't seem to have any ideas for me like Shad did, they weren't really interested in me, in working with me and useful in helping me achieve my dream."

Dan Sanger, St George, UT:

"I think that a couple of times because of experience, I expected some things that I was a little off on, and Shad helped me understand what the standard was.  I'm happy with it; I'm happy with the cabinets, we got a great deal."

Amy Hansen, Ivins, UT:

"It's just nice when you can find someone you can connect with, that you can relate to, can understand what you are talking about."

Gail Hansen, Anchorage, AK:

"I would choose Shad in a New York minute, I would choose him, and I have to say, the people we went with the second time to do our bathroom, I really appreciated them; and the fellow, he was wonderful, but the overall picture, Jim and I would definitely call Shad, we loved those young folks, we did, and his strong point was the carpenter, was an older man, pushing seventy, and looked like Chris Kringle.  That man was so wonderful, but I never did get the exact bathroom I wanted, because I never could really communicate, I was communicating what I wanted, but it wasn't getting picked up, and more able to say things and I didn't."

"Overall, when all said and done, it seemed like Shad had a handle over a lot of things that we needed to have the handle over.”

"We would definitely recommend him as our first choice."

"He was so professional, he is a man of integrity, and mature."

"He is the one that I would choose."

Shirley Broadbent, St George, UT:

"Really enjoying bathroom!"

Steve Lipton, Hurricane, UT:

"Shad was just the best!"

Vicki Terry, Santa Clara, UT: 

"Shad is dependable, called back, listened to concerns, and really cared."

"Shad is a perfectionist!"

"He pays attention to details.  He is a good friend."

"Shad made the kitchen his own."

Myrna Stout, St George, UT:

"I appreciated the patience shown to me in working through many design options and revisions. The final product was better than I could have ever envisioned or imagined."

Bob & Carol Lakin, St George, UT:

"…we are very happy with the design and results.  He came up with several good suggestions that we are only too happy we used!"

Sariah Mortensen, Hurricane, UT:

"I don't think I would have put the lowered 'baking center' in now.  It's too small to be really useful, but it looks good."

"I have had people think my kitchen came with the house.  They didn't realize we had gutted the space and started over.  The design blends itself to the rest of our historic home."

James & Athena Shannon, Mesquite, NV:

"We would like to thank you for all you guys are doing- you make so easy to deal with all of this- We truly appreciate all your time, people at Portrait Kitchens are very down to earth-

"Love what we see on your great prints"    6/1/07.

Wes and Ruthanne Terry, Ivins, UT

"I love my kitchen, it's very beautiful and I wouldn't change my mind about any of it." 

Athena Shannon

"Beth, really appreciate all you are doing for us. Can't wait to see the beautiful faucet in our kitchen. Thanks again, keep up the great job."

David and Sariah Mortenson Hurricane, UT

"Goal was to create a kitchen that would be functional for our family. We were thrilled with the results of our kitchen. We continue to get compliments about it and people continue to believe the kitchen was actually built when the home was built."

Wayne & Diane Earp, Washington, UT

"But, I do want you to know how much I value the input you had on the design of our kitchen.  I would not try to design a kitchen again without a certified kitchen designer.  The kitchen is not only the most beautiful kitchen I have seen, but it functions better that any kitchen I have ever used.  We had 22 family members with us for Easter weekend.  We had seven cooks in the kitchen at once, and we weren't bumping into each other.  I haven't figured it out why, but this kitchen cleans up in a snap!  I thought the black granite on the island might be a nightmare to keep clean, but it is not. 

"It is hard to believe but I still have some empty storage space in the kitchen.  Whenever someone sees the kitchen for the first time, they have the same reaction, 'Wow'.

"The one thing I would change about the kitchen is I would have left out the drawer under one of the ovens, dropped it down, and drop down the warming drawer.  The warming drawer is a little high for me.  But everything else was perfect."

"I knew when I saw the original blue prints from the architect, that the kitchen, built as he had it, would have been non-functioning.  You were easy to work with, and understood my needs.  The kitchen turned out to be as functional as it is beautiful.

"Absolutely!  Feel free to use what I wrote in any of your marketing efforts.  You kept me from making some very expensive mistakes that I would have had to face everyday!"

Ford & Sharron Northington, Pine Valley UT 2007

"As soon as we spoke w/Shad we knew we were on the right track.

"Once Shad visited our home at Pine Valley and began making suggestions, we were comfortable with using his services.

"Your website was very informative..

"That Shad was a Certified Kitchen Designer was impressive to us.

"We were so impressed w/Shad during his visit, we made the decision immediately.

"So glad we met Shad!

"Excellent! would do it again in a heartbeat."

Celebrating 8 Years

Portrait Kitchens has been providing unequaled kitchen and bath design services for 8 years in St George, Utah, and Southern Nevad, and now in Anchorage, Alaska. Thanks to our valued clients who made this possible.

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